SmartWears Product Research Process

At SmartWears, we strive to offer our loyal users only correct and latest product information along with unbiased reviews derived from the verified consumer experiences. We put together real customer experiences that are fetched from reputable online sources to develop our reviews of hair and scalp care products, grooming accessories. We get feedback on our reviews from our readers every day and incorporate them to make your experience better.

Listed below is an analysis of our processes for product research, data gathering processes, and performance ratings creation.

SmartWears Product Review Data Set


We draw on the below listed general sources for generating our product ratings:

Forums and Discussion Boards

Close to 40% of the data used by us is derived from consumer experiences and web form reviews. We conduct very detailed research for every product review by analyzing legitimate threads within the web communities. Then, we collect and verify every such post to make sure it is legitimate and relevant.

Retail Product Pages  

Roughly 40% of the data we use is collected from verified customer reviews from the online product pages. We consider top online retailers including Flipkart and Amazon, along with brands offering hair and scalp care products, having a web presence. We check each review twice to ascertain it is not fake and the reviewer has not been compensated.

Product Review Websites

Almost 20% of our data is derived from third-party product review websites. Since there are many dishonest online review sites, we remain careful. The owners of such fake review sites get compensated by the brands they endorse. To offer the readers the most accurate and unbiased information, we evade sites like these while focusing solely on authentic review sites offering objective, unaffiliated information. We vet individual postings on more popular review sites to ascertain the author has not received compensation for his/her work.

Publicly Available Information

We never arrive at performance or customer ratings using marketing claims and product descriptions, coming from the brands. However, most of these brands offer detailed company information and product features that are used in our brand profiles. These include:

  • Country of manufacture
  • Composition
  • Sizes Available
  • Availability of product
  • Current price-points
  • Weight
  • Care instructions
  • Shipping policies
  • Warranty information
  • Return policies
  • Company history

What Is Not Included in Our Data Set?

User-submitted Reviews

We encourage SmartWears visitors to offer real customer experiences. We also appreciate your feedback. We, however, do not incorporate user reviews in the rating system.

What Makes SmartWears Exceptional?

We’re Comprehensive

SmartWears offers total coverage for all scalp and hair health products like serums, oils, creams, gels, and sprays, etc. These products can be subjected to the constant change in availability, pricing, composition, etc. Occasionally, we may not be able to get adequate customer data to publish proper product reviews. However, you can be assured of getting the only relevant and latest information on SmartWears.

We’re User-Friendly

Creating your optimal hair and scalp care routine is not as easy as the abundance of products can make you baffled. There are so many types of hair oil, shampoo, gel, hair spray, conditioning serum, cream, and similar products. Then there are people with varying scalp and hair conditions, to add to the confusion. Our comparison tool is pretty easy and simple to use. We also provide an extensive selection of product and brand reviews. This will help you find exactly what you want. We also offer research-based guides covering all types of hair care related topics. The search tool is placed on the site’s top right side and using it you can look for the products matching your needs.


Data accuracy is a big priority in our eyes. We do everything possible in our capacity to make sure the provided information is the latest and accurate, reflecting customer experiences. For this, we have set up a few parameters for the rating process. To generate accurate ratings, the following steps are taken:

  • We assign each review worthy product-specific baselines to better gauge customer experiences, apart from unique sources based on the availability of feedbacks. For example, at least 60 authentic customer experiences from 4 unique sources are used. Moreover, for the reviews, we do not take over 50% from any single source. If we do not get enough consumer feedback, we do not publish reviews for the specific brand or product -till we acquire enough data. This information is present under a tab on the top of every review page. If we get the required data, we list a number of unique sources as well as verified experiences. If it is the opposite- we are clear on that front too.
  • We vet every consumer review so that it meets our quality standards. Some reviews just lack adequate data to validate if the author has used the product. To get included in our data set, a reviewer has to prove he/she has owned and used the product for 2 weeks or so. The review cannot be over 6 years old. Reviews failing to meet these 2 parameters are discarded.
  • We authenticate customer experience ratings by using a full testing team for the sake of accuracy.

SmartWears Reviews Are Unbiased

We pride in pointing out our focus on authenticity. In order to do so, we have set up an editorial integrity policy. It outlines the ways we obtain information, gets money to run this site, and communicate with numerous companies. Please see the page for details on this and tell us if you have any queries.

SmartWears is Here to Help!

Please contact us to know more about the brand and products, hair and scalp care related topics or our site. Our team members will revert to ensure your questions are resolved. We ensure you get the best experience at SmartWears.

SmartWears Product Rankings, Explained

We rate products as per the following criteria:

SmartWears Ratings

We have kept the rating system simple and evaluate the average using a 5-point system.

  • Poor: 0.0 to 0.99
  • Fair: 1.0 to 1.99
  • Good: 2.0 to 2.99
  • Very Good: 3.0 to 3.99
  • Excellent: 4.0 to 4.99

Then, we go through the factors evaluated in the rating tables. The below-listed factors are used to put together the rating tables.

  • Shelf life- It indicates how long a product can sustain while offering the promised benefits after purchase.
  • Product type- This refers to the ingredients found in a particular grooming product. You can select a particular ingredient and get a list of products that contain it. You can compare the ratings, reviews, and other details before zeroing in on your choice.
  • Price-The price for all products is displayed, as per size.
  • Our review pages feature graphs to compare that brand or model’s price with industry averages. Comparisons are done on the same sized products. We do not use any temporary discounts for price generation.

Why Is This Product Missing Some Data or Rankings?

On some pages, you may see a few data points are blanked out or showing as NA. It means we have not got enough useful customer experience data for such products.

You can check back for updates. Do contact us for additional questions on our products or ratings.

Where Should You Start?

We recommend that you begin your research for the right product with our brand and product guides. This will help you figure out your needs in terms of product type, brands, suitability for your hair type, etc. Next, use the comparison engine to find products based on price, customer satisfaction rating and brand.

Once you’ve found the information you require, visit the brand site and locate the product there. If the product liked by you is sold in brick-and-mortar stores exclusively, note down the details of the chosen products before you actually buy it at any such shop.

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Please let us know at the earliest. We will be more than happy to offer assistance to you any time of the day.


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