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How to Charge Bluetooth Earphones with or Without Adaptor?

Last Updated on May 29, 2020 by ashwinig

With the launch of Apple iPhone 7, Bluetooth earphones have become a lot common than ever before. We got rid of the tangled wires, but mostly one wire remains that bothers us, the charging cable.  Bluetooth earphones work on batteries, and if you don’t know how to charge Bluetooth earphones, then you might end up reducing their life.

How to Charge Bluetooth Earphones When an Adapter Is Available?

Most of the Bluetooth earphones come with a standard micro USB port for charging. So, the charging process is quite simple, open the charging port, which is usually covered to prevent water damage. Plug-in the micro USB cable into your earphone and connect the other end to the charger, and you are good to go. Just make sure that the earphones are turned off and don’t put them on charging for too long.

How to Charge Bluetooth Earphones When Adaptor Is Not Available?

It is quite simple to charge a Bluetooth earphone when an adaptor is within reach. However, the real question is How to charge Bluetooth Earphones when you don’t have access to the adaptor. In this scenario, you have a few different options to charge the Bluetooth earphones.

Note: This approach would only work if your Bluetooth earphones use standard micro USB ports.

With a Laptop

Many laptops have a USB port which gives output without even turning on the laptop. In case your laptop has this feature, plug in your micro USB cable into your Bluetooth earphones and connect the other end to the always-on USB port of the laptop to charge the earphones.

At times laptops don’t have a USB port that gives an output when the laptop is off. In this scenario, simply turn on the laptop, put it on battery saver settings, and close the lid. You can charge your Bluetooth earphones this way without taxing your laptop battery too much.

With a Mobile or a Power Bank

Most people who carry a mobile phone also happen to have a power bank to charge the phone. If you have a power bank, then simply plug your Bluetooth earphone charger to the power bank and charge your earphone as usual.

An interesting question in this scenario is how to charge Bluetooth earphones with a mobile? It is possible, and all you need is a converter which can be bought quite cheaply. Now, consider your phone to be a power bank and connect the micro USB of your Bluetooth headset to the converter and plug it into the charging port of your phone. Now, you can charge your earphones on your mobile phone.

There are lots of ways to charge your Bluetooth earphones even if you don’t have the conventional power socket and adaptor. So, next time you run into such a situation, don’t panic and resort to one of these means to charge your phone. A laptop, a power bank, or phone can charge your earphones even if they have a 20% battery.



How to Detect If My Bluetooth Earphones Are Charged?

Most earphones come with a light that changes color depending on the charge on the battery. Usually, it is red when the battery is discharged, orange when the battery is charging and green when fully charged.

Is It Possible to Damage Bluetooth Earphones By Overcharging?

Modern electronics come with technology that prevents damage due to overcharging by stopping the process when the battery is fully charged. However, it is still not recommended to leave your devices continuously plugged in.

How Long to Charge A New Bluetooth Earphone?

You should at least charge the new device for 30 minutes before using it. However, it is recommended that you charge the earphones until the battery is full before putting it on.

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